Going long: A tide of new development rises in Long Beach

Kenny comments on the the development boom in Long Beach.

Real estate developers are plunging into the waterfront city of Long Beach where speedier approvals, strong demand and lack of rent control have opened the flood gates to residential and commercial projects.

In downtown Long Beach, there $5 billion being invested in real estate development and there's a total of 73 projects citywide either under construction or about to break ground, according to the city's Economic Development Department. The building boom includes roughly 5,000 housing units.

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"Love is Real Estate" Podcast

An interview with Kenny Stevens

We're excited to share Kenny's interview on the "Love Is Real Estate" podcast.

In this interview, Kenny shares some golden nuggets on the current multi-family investment market in Los Angeles, including:

How to begin investing in real estate
The hottest neighborhoods to invest in
Current market trends in multi-family
The benefits of working with Kenny Stevens Team
...And more!

We know you'll enjoy the many gems of information from this 20 minute interview with Ari Afshar.

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